About Me

About Sarah

As I talked about in my Contact page…  My name isn’t really Sarah.  As a performing artist I go through a lot on a regular basis.  People want to know everything about me.  There are days that I feel like my whole life is on a video somewhere.  There might be people that I’ve never met that know more about me than the guys I date.

It’s scary – bottom line.

Throughout Little Britain Online I’ll be talking about different kinds of things.  I’ll shed some thoughts, feelings and experiences that I’ve gone through on a regular basis.  For me to do that safely and comfortably I’ll need to remain anonymous.  I know, that’s hard for you to accept…

I could just be cat-fishing everyone here!  I could be a 40 year old bald man behind the keyboard, but you’ll have to just trust me that I’m not.  If you can’t trust me…  there’s a sweet little X in the upper right hand corner of your screen.