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Welcome to this Little Britain fan website, what we think is the best resource in the world for the hit comedy! Even though it has now come to an end, our website lets you enjoy the show all over again.

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End Of The Road For Little Britain - Show Stopped

This week David Walliams confirmed the news that there will be no more Little Britain. It's not particularly suprising as most of us have been expecting it for a while. The US version of the show was somewhat of a flop compared to the original show which must have contributed heavily to their decision.

They have provided us with years of laughs and will always have a legion of fans. You can have too much of a good thing so at least they are leaving it as a classic rather then tiring the show out.

There are (apparently) still plans for a Little Britain movie so keep your eyes peeled for news on that! And hopefully they will also do one-off special episodes for charity and special events.

Update: The above info is now out-of-date, no movie was ever made.

Thanks For Memories Received

They say that all good things must come to an end. Never is this more true with this comedy. But we must give great thanks not only to creators Matt and David for the memories provided but to everybody who worked on the show. Creating funny shows is a team effort and what these guys did was brilliant.

At its peak the show was getting millions of viewers. Picture all of those households across our country all laughing at the same time as Daffyd Thomas went skipping down a Welsh country lane, or Sebastien brushed his hair back as he approached the Prime Minister, or Vicky Pollard shouted "Shut up" at another innocent bystander.

Some things stay with you for life. And for many the era this show was on will remain with them. Whatever age you were; be it young, middle-aged or in your golden years. The good times are well remembered.

The USA version may not have been such a smash hit, and some critics may have branded the show racist, but somehow despite the boo's from some corners it makes those who love it enhance their feelings further. You will still here people do impressions today of Andy Pipkin saying "I want that one" or Anne blandly saying "computer says no". The years may have passed but the impressions still go on.

In fact the show lives in many forms. Thousands of people own the DVDs, there are games, lots of different toys, all sorts of merchandise, funny costumes and books too. Many people still have the show in their lives.

Great British comedy is something to be proud of, this proves that. The pleasure and joy this show created should never be forgotten, to all involved we are enternally grateful.



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